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What make us different:

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We have a mission

Our mission is to be always at the top of all inovations. The mission is to learn, adapt and implement.

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We analyze

We tend to look at client inquries and question from different perspectives to find the best solution. Our long years of experiance has given us the right tools to know what's best for your needs.

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We Experiment

As inovators in our field, we need to be at the verge of all new technology trends. To be chelenged to find different solutions for the same problem is our main expertiese.

Our expertise:

We offer you a FULL PACKAGE from idea to realization of your unique

    (WordPress or Magento)
    with SEO included

You’ve got a hunch that your company’s
website or app could be way more productive than it is right now.

Let’s prove you right.

Brand Design, UX, Wireframe, Mockups

Tell us your story, we’ll draw it for you. Or give us a problem you need to solve.
All we need from you are some clear inputs and we'll create nice results.
We know our way trough conversion focused UX, and we create beautiful pixel-perfect UI to deliver your message and make a strong impression.

Our portfolio

path to your satisfaction:

path to your <strong>satisfaction:</strong>

Let's start from the beginning
So you want a functional - good looking Website,
Web, Mobile, WordPress
or Smart TV application?

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You Talk

You Talk, We Listen and together we are working on your digital goods with latest design and develop principels

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We Quote

Our quotes depends on your project needs and budget

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We Design

We have a great team of designers that follows the latest UX/UI trends and are not afraid to give a little imagination to make the best resaults

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You Reviise

We are listening careful to our customers so your feedback are appreciated

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We Develop

Psss developers at work! They give life to the design and unleash the magic!

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Launch Time

Money never sleeps! We schedule and launch all projects on time!

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We can deploy your project to any infrastructure
We can clone or migrate your existing ones.
Project updates, redesign or changes


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Take a look at our portfolio, there are numerous project that we have done for our clients in the past


Bridge Media TV

ClientBridge Media
DateApril 20, 2020
CategoriesSmart TV

Tech: Backoffice + API with client applications

  • Samsung Smart TV – Tizen
  • LG – webOS
  • Android STB

The Media Bridge TV system was completely developed from scratch by our company. The system is incorporated from a custom developed back-office system that leans on XTREME UI.
The system has the following functionalities:

  • User management and subscriptions: current watching, favorites
  • Code generator for login and authentication
  • Content management (VODs), categories, sliders
  • Server management
  • Automatic fetching of content and connecting with TMBD
  • Manage packages
  • Different user roles for clients and resellers
  • Ticket system with push notifications
  • Email campaign system
  • Complete logger implemented for keeping track
  • Analytics and statistics

The frontend applications are VOD libraries, Netflix like with integrated APIs, dynamic VOD, push notifications, multiple users, search, favorites, watch later, TV shows and movies presentation, settings, multilingual support, sorting, filtering per country and genre.


Pursuit Channel – Smart TV APP for 24/07 Video Streaming

ClientPursuit Channel
DateJune 23, 2017
CategoriesSmart TV

The project was done for the purpose of a fishing and hunting channel “Pursuit Channel” where the client wanted an application which will run for 24/7 without interuptions.

The app has a unique look and was designed from scratch.



Tornado IPTV Samsung SmartTV Application

DateMay 23, 2015
CategoriesSmart TV

The client was very demanding when agreeing on functionalities and had already a API for providing JSON files with all the information needed for integrating the stream links to show channels and vod content. We did manage to implement all functionalities in time and hit the deadline without problems. The project was about making an application for hotels and entertainment establishments to providing IPTV&VOD content to users that have a valid PIN for authentication purposes.

The front-end of the application was done by using the Samsung SDK and IDE for providing the necessary tools and libraries, and using open-source technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, JSON and making the complete pre-design and mockups in Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel.

The API was provided from the client’s side.

The application was made for the Bulgarian region but is in English and can be used in any country in the World. Its on the official Samsung Store for Smart TVs.

Link to brochure for more information:

  • project

    Bridge Media TV

    Smart TV

  • project

    Pursuit Channel – Smart TV APP for 24/07 Video Streaming

    Smart TV

  • project

    Tornado IPTV Samsung SmartTV Application

    Smart TV

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