Amazon devices transfering to Amazon Vega OS

Amazon has been quietly developing a replacement for its Android-based Fire OS. This new operating system, codenamed “Vega,” is  designed to streamline application development.

After piecing together various reports, forum discussions, and even job listings, independent researcher Jako Roettgers concludes that Amazon has been working on Vega OS since at least 2019, if not earlier. He reveals that the core development of the OS is complete, and Amazon is now focusing on the SDK and other system components to aid developers in creating applications.

Vega, based on Linux, utilizes JavaScript-based React Native as its application framework. This is expected to simplify app development for Fire devices and other React-based platforms, including smartphones and smart TVs.

Currently, Fire OS is essentially an Android derivative, built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). However, it often lags behind in updates. For instance, the Fire Max 11 (released this year) runs on Fire OS 8, which is based on the 2020-released Android 11 OS. Similarly, this year’s Fire TV devices are based on 2018’s Android 9.

The transition to Vega could start as early as next year, beginning with Fire TV devices. It will then be rolled out to new versions of Echo smart displays, Fire tablets, and even future multimedia systems for vehicles. This shift will not only help Amazon leapfrog over several generations of outdated OS bases but also allow better control over advertising and subscription-based services, potentially boosting revenue.

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