Project Overview



Project Overview

Redcellapps, in collaboration with BSGroup, embarked on an ambitious project to transform the viewing experience for football enthusiasts. The task at hand was to develop the TVP Sport application for Smart TVs, which was not just about streaming games, but providing a comprehensive, immersive, and customizable football experience. Featuring all TVP Sports broadcasts, it had the distinction of streaming major events like EURO 2020 and Copa America.

The Challenge:

  1. Multi-Stream Management: Ensuring seamless switching between three distinct types of broadcasts.
  2. Real-time Synchronization: Keeping the application in sync with live events to offer a flawless viewing experience.
  3. Optimized Experience: Providing high-quality streaming without lags or buffering, especially during high-traffic events like major football games.
  4. 180-degree Camera Integration: Ensuring that the 180-degree camera broadcast was seamlessly integrated and provided a compelling experience

Our Approach:


Deep Collaboration with BSGroup

We started with comprehensive sessions with the Zina team. This helped us understand the specific requirements, features, and nuances of their custom backend.



Dynamic Streaming Technology

Leveraging our vast experience in OTT platforms, we initiated development simultaneously across the various platforms—Samsung, LG, Hisense, iOS mobile, tvOS, and iOS tablets.



User-Centric Design

While each platform has its unique interface guidelines, our UX team ensured that the core user journey remains consistent, providing a familiar experience to the users regardless of the device they use.



Quality Assurance

Given the diversity of platforms, we adopted a rigorous testing methodology. This ensured that the applications were not only functionally sound but also optimized for performance.



Backend Integration

Our development team collaborated closely with the Zina backend team. This ensured smooth integration and real-time data synchronization across platforms.


The TVP Sport application revolutionized the way football fans interacted with their favorite sport. With unique features like the choice of broadcast types, fans could feel closer to the action, either through the analysis in the studio, the raw energy of the stadium, or the expansive view from the 180-degree camera. The app saw:

  • A significant spike in downloads and active users, especially during the EURO 2020 and Copa America games.
  • Positive feedback from users who appreciated the customizable viewing options.
  • Recognition in the OTT space for its innovative approach to sports broadcasting.

Client Testimonial:

“Redcellapps has been instrumental in bringing our vision to life. Their technical expertise, combined with a genuine understanding of the OTT landscape, ensured that our applications stood out in a crowded market. The seamless integration with our backend was the cherry on top. Highly recommended!” – [Adil, CEO at Zina]


The TVP Sport application is a testament to what can be achieved when innovative ideas meet technical expertise. Redcellapps, in collaboration with BSGroup, successfully delivered an application that not only met the streaming requirements but also redefined the way fans experienced football. As OTT solutions continue to evolve, projects like this showcase the potential of technology in enhancing viewer engagement and satisfaction.