TitanOS Launch: A New Era in Smart TV Technology

TitanOS is here!

January 22nd in Barcelona has been a great date for all of us who love the Smart TV ecosystem! TitanOS has been revealed and the OS has been released officially.

As pioneers in the field of Smart TV and OTT development, our goal is to create strategic partnerships with manufacturers, be able to give the best possible service to our clients and have the ability to quickly utilize new tech and turn it into an advantage for them.

TitanOS will be one of the newest members alongside Tizen, webOS, Vidaa, and many others, which will offer new opportunities for new and already existing platforms, to cover even more ground and give the ability for your product to be visible to an even brother audience.

One of the main goals is to provide an independent European operating system for smart TVs and debuted its Titan advertising division to help advertisers reach more relevant audiences. The autonomous operating system enables smart TVs from leading manufacturers in Europe and Latin America, providing a customized viewing experience for millions of users right from the start.

Our team had already had the pleasure of testing the device for more than 2 months, before its release to the market, to stay on track and ready to develop and deploy new and already existing applications!

Along with the already existing OS on the market, it is going to be exciting to see how it will fare following its debut, and we will keep you posted on interesting topics from the Smart TV world.

If you want to learn more, please read the official press release from TitanOS team and follow for more.

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